Everyone has a story to tell

Recently, I’ve been coming across schools that don’t yet have a mission statement. Even worse, schools that have a mission, but the students, parents, and faculty aren’t aware of it. Today, it’s becoming more and more important to stand out in a crowd. In some areas you need to stand out more than others due to School Choice policies, declining enrollment and other concerns.

What is the mission statement?

Your mission statement should clearly define your role as a school in your community. It should be brief, but heir arching as it should be relevant for many areas incorporated into the district.

Where do we start?

When looking to create your mission statement, don’t let one person throw out their first idea and that be it. Look to encourage participation for all stakeholders. Then have a designated committee vote, brainstorm, and collaborate on the feedback received.

Decide to move forward with changes only when everyone is on the same page. Once you have your mission statement, broadcast it out. Don’t let it reside in your Board of Education notes or Superintendent’s notebook.

Now we’re ready to live it!

When sharing your mission, use your available tools:

  • Your school website homepage
  • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Any school signage
  • Make new hires aware of the mission

Looking for more inspiration, or maybe you want to revise an already existing mission that’s outdated? Mission statement examples can be found here.


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