Do public school students benefit from PR campaigns?

There are many innovative ways to stay relevant in the changing tide of public education. As more and more charter and/or private schools keep popping up on the nearest street corner we see an increasing demand to focus on what’s new, flashy, and in the airwaves. Does it always need to be what is new or flashy? No, but for the focus of this PR initiative utilizing communication expertise has resulted in a big increase for the district student count. Public school districts receive funding on a per student model. More students = more revenue for the district.

The concept of ‘Building Your School Brand’ could not be more imperative to schools than it is today. This is a great theory put to the test by Austin ISD in building their own unique brand and vocalizing that out to the community the district serves. Only time will tell if this can be a sustained model, but the current short term outlook yields results.

“Austin area taxpayers might want to consider if money spent on advertising and a huge communications staff this is tax money well spent. Austin ISD’s marketing success claim hinges on basic math. However, that claim ignores one very large factor: the Texas city’s growth rate accelerated during the time of the costly PR push.”

Source: Do public school students benefit from PR campaigns? | District Administration Magazine


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