Digital Badging breakthroughs

With a growing emphasis on student Digital Badging, its important to be cognizant of the ones giving the badges to the students. Teachers. Digital badging is something that is continually gaining more traction in the education space. For how diversified the teacher role has become you have to wonder how this trend really didn’t catch on sooner.

The teacher’s tool box has been and is continuing to expand. A large part due to developments in ed-tech, giving teachers access to new methods for better connecting with students. A teacher can use social media via Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram. They can create a blog environment or facilitate resources and discussions all on line. They can flip their classroom. The list goes on and on, but the question remains for the teachers going above and beyond their call duty. Are these high-performers getting the recognition they deserve?

If you feel their are some saavy ed-tech teachers at your school, academy, district I recommend taking a free opportunity to join in while this trend is on the rise and here to stay.

Click here for a free Digital Badging Starter Guide and if you want to jump hands first into the badges check out the Future-Ready Teachers Badge List where you can get involved and become an expert in no time.

Further information and how one school goes above and beyond: Badging breakthroughs | District Administration Magazine


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